22 February 2014

Dear Fellow Community Leader,

I have announced last Saturday after receiving the blessings of the members of the Philippine Australian Society for Senior Citizens, Inc ( the association I represent at PCC of NSW) to run for President of PCC of NSW on 15th March 2014.

If successful, I will concentrate on 4 main points -

L  - Leadership - I will provide strong leadership. My leadership style will earn the respect of the members of the new Board and the affiliates therefore getting their cooperation and thus achieving success in working together towards the objectives of the PCC of NSW. 

O – Oneness in Advocacy - We will continue our advocacy with the Federal, State and local governments. We will support and not compete with the affiliates. The new Board under my leadership will ensure that the PCC of NSW is not only the peak body on paper but will be recognised as such because of its achievements. The Board under my leadership will also work hard to encourage associations not yet members of PCC of NSW to join the peak body of associations / organisations in NSW.

V -  The new Board will provide vision and commitment - short and long term commitments.

Not only shall we concern ourselves with short term projects but also long term projects with proper timetable and getting qualified resources. The PCC of NSW should be dynamic - in that it can adopt to changing environment and circumstances including the review of the Constitution and the structure of its committees.

E -  The new Board will be engaging with the affiliates. We will continue the Ugnayan ( consultation process) and conduct seminars /forums ). We will secure the cooperation of the media so the Filipino Australian community will be fully informed of what PCC of NSW is doing for them.

My motto will be : " It is not about you; it is not about me; it is all about PCC of NSW.


  • First President – Land Bank of the Philippines Employees Association, Inc 1977 -1979                                                                                                  
    Achievement – led my team in successfully lobbying the Land Bank of the Philippines Board of Directors in approving the LBPEA proposal to streamline the salary structure of the employees in line with government banks – Central Bank, DBP and PNB. The restructuring led to streamlining of the remuneration package not only of the government banks but also the government financial institutions.

President, Western Sydney Fil-Oz Inc – 1991 – 1992

Achievement – Brought closer the young families in Nepean area together through various activities like family picnic, bingo social, supervised youth parties and holding drama events. The Western Sydney Fil-Oz Dance Troop under the leadership of Tina Hickson performed in ASEAN functions and Darling Harbour. The Western Sydney Fil-Oz under the leadership of Manang Loy Tagudin was a regular performer at October long weekend Fiesta Kultura.

First President, Australian Devotees of Our Lady of Penafrancia, Inc – 2006 -2013

Achievement – the Feast of Our Lady of Penafrancia is now a major event in the City of Penrith. The fluvial procession is getting bigger each year.

President, Philippine Australian Society for Senior Citizens, Inc 2010 – current

Achievement – Successfully lobbied the State Government to extend the grant for another year. With the loss of the PASSCI office in 2010 still fresh, the committee under my leadership motivated the members of PASSCI to stay together and enjoy each other company. The rest is history – members of PASSCI are enjoying each other company even without the office.


  • Chair, Committee on Seniors, PCC of NSW –
  • a )being successful in lobbying the federal government in having the Proposed Reciprocal Agreement on Social Security Benefits a step closer to formal negotiation. The national interest assessment in no longer required in starting the formal negotiation.

b) started lobbying with the State government on independent living ( a sort of retirement village for our Seniors).

c) Arranged for a forum on portability of age pension – scheduled on  17th March

d) Various focus groups created to concentrate on various issues and activities on seniors

Member of the Federal Filipino Ministerial Consultative Committee of the last Parliamentary Term 2012 -2013

3.    Member of the NSW Government Filipino Ministerial Consultative Committee 2013 – current

4.  Able to secure the commitment of the Federal Coalition Government that they will continue to   have a vehicle of consultation with the Filipino Australian Community. Such structure will be announced during the Philippine Independence Day Celebration in June 2014. 


  • Continued  the Legacy of my father – the late Atty Jose Relunia, Snr, a respected community leader.
  • Philippine Australian Society for Senior Citizens, Inc  - the first seniors group of Filipino ethnic origin to be incorporated in Australia.  The founders of PASSCI include Atty Jose Relunia, Snr who became President until he died in 2002. I continued the work of my father in assisting Seniors to have an enjoyable and happy life. My advocacy on seniors’ issues will attest to this commitment.
  • Filipino Community Cooperative  Ltd – another Atty Jose Relunia’s  baby. Atty Relunia was Past Chairperson of FILCOOP and was one of those instrumental in establishing the Hiyas ng Bayan Child Care ( the only child care centre run by a community group) at Mt Pritchard. Currently the Vice- Chair, Filipino Community Cooperative Ltd  with Kate Andres as Chair
  • To start with the help of prominent Bicolanos the Bicolano tradition and to get the Bicolanos together in Greater Sydney.  This led to the birth of Bicol Inc and the Feast Day of Our Lady of Penafrancia which is being celebrated on the 3rd Saturday of Sept.


      Those that I have worked with in the Filipino Australian community would attest to my transparency character.  I have been involved in PCC of NSW activities for many years and I have been a strong advocate of Ugnayan.     

I  have background in law and a CPA in Australia. A graduate of the University of the Philippines and the University of Western Sydney.

If  you have any suggestions on the plans / programs that PCC of NSW should undertake whether short term or long term, please let me know. 

My future involvement in the Filipino Australian community is in the hands of the affiliates on 15th March 2014. Please choose wisely come election day.

Mabuhay ang PCC of NSW and Mabuhay Tayong Lahat.



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