According to the most recent census, which was published in 2006, there were more than 120,000 Filipinos living in Australia – but this number only includes those who were born in the Philippines. Of these, 41 per cent are aged 25-44  years old, the magazine’s main target readership, with 34 per cent aged 45-64, our secondary readership base.

More recent figures suggest there are more than 210,000 Australian-Filipinos. However, the total number of people in the country who have Filipino ancestry is closer to 1.2 million (5.5 per cent of the population).

The Australian Filipina aims to have a readership base of at least 10 per cent or 20,000, with at least 5,000 subscribers. Majority of them will be based in Sydney or Melbourne, where there are larger concentrations of Filipinos that fall within our target demographic.



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