Accomplished Filipino-Australian photographer John Fick adds another feather to his cap: book author. His book, “Lighting for Studio Photography DECODED”, can turn any budding photographer into a studio lighting expert.

The book is easy to understand, thanks to the author’s view that “less words, more pictures” works best. This means there are no mind-numbing pages of technical explanations about light modifiers and strobe lights. Instead you see simple diagrams that show how to set up lighting equipment to achieve a certain effect.

“We live in a fast food society where everything needs to be quick and easy. And that is what the book is all about,” he said.

It is not just for beginners. DECODED works as a handy guide for professionals. For example, there are five lighting set-ups to choose from, depending on the occasion.

The book also features some of Fick’s best works, including his photos of Apo Hiking Society's Jim Paredes, local R&B artist Barry Southgate and “So You Think You Can Dance” top five finalist, Danny Golding.

There’s a saying that goes “don’t just a book by its cover”, but in Fick’s case, the cover does a pretty good job of saying you can learn a lot on from the book on how studio lighting can transform a picture from blah to brilliant.

Available in hard copy and e-book
RRP: $135 (book) or $57 (e-book).
For a limited time, $100 plus GST for both.

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