There is a popular phrase used by many Filipinos when someone keeps all the lights on in their house, even if they're not in the room.

It's "parang galit ka 'ata sa kuryente", which loosely translates to "as if you're angry with electricity."

Starting this month, there's more reason to be frugal - and turn all the lights off - after a new study found that two in three Aussies expect their bills to increase and be harder to afford over the next three months, according to a survey by Compare Club.

The research found that two in five Aussies didn't know that Private Health Insurance rates have gone up automatically effective this month.

"The rise in private health insurance premiums will cost families on average an extra $126 a year, but many funds will pass on even higher premium increases," said Andrew Davis, chief executive of Compare Club.

"Premium increases were delayed in 2020 until October, which now means that Aussies will be hit with a combined increase of 5.66% in just six months - eight times the rate of inflation."

Electricity bills are also expected to soar as more households turn up their heaters come winter.

But there are ways to save.

Compare Club found that households who switch their energy provider could, on average, save $219 a year and $385 for health insurance.

Most people don't switch their health insurance, electricity, gas, water and phone bill providers. However, hundreds of dollars of savings can be made by finding out the latest deals in the market.

Solar power and energy-saving devices such as smart thermostats, auto-sensor lights and smart powerboards can also reduce power usage over the year. 

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