Fil-Aus prolific singer-songwriter Elysa V has recently released another original composition titled From Now On. The song was written, composed, produced and mastered by her.

I was inspired to write "From Now On” because I wanted to talk about the importance of self-love and really putting yourself first in life. It’s about acceptance and realising that in life people and situations may hurt you but bouncing back from that is what makes you stronger.

And “from now on” you will take a stand and use those negative circumstances to become a better version of yourself. I also mentioned how praying to God can make life easier and can really speed up the healing process and really thanking Him, walking with Him and trusting Him in every journey of our life is the purpose of it all. 

According to Elysa, she was simultaneously writing and producing “From Now On” and it took her about 4 weeks to finish and release it officially.  From Now On is available on youtube and other digital music platforms.

Things are looking up for Elysa V.  The release of From Now On follows the release of her EP Soulful and her graduation from the University of Western Sydney with a three year  Bachelor of Music.

Elysa with her mother Theresa and dad Edwin Villareal

Elysa is currently working on a project in collaboration with another young artist who is also based in Sydney.  We certainly will share details when they are ready to promote the project.



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