Councils in New South Wales will be holding elections for councillor positions on December 4, 2021.  Councillors serve residents of the various wards or areas within their respective local government areas.   They represent them on matters that directly affect them such as town planning orders, zoning, and provision of services such as rubbish collection, maintenance of local parks, etc.

Voting in Local Government elections is compulsory for all voters included on the residential roll.

The Australian Filipinas undertook a check on the NSW Electoral Commission website to compile list of the candidates who are known to be of Filipino heritage.  We are glad to share brief comments from the candidates.

Cesar Bartolome - Blacktown City Council - No. 2 Candidate for Ward 4 under the Blacktown Coalition Team

 I have been a resident of Blacktown City since we migrated in 1996 and for the past 25 years I have seen how the place developed. I am with a group of independent Liberal Party members called the Blacktown Coalition Team who can provide the necessary check and balance to what the ruling party does in the Council.

A Mechanical Engineer by profession, my experience and background in engineering and construction can help ensure value for every taxpayer's dollar spent in the city's infrastructure projects."

Dorothy Ann del Villar - Blacktown City Council - Ward 5

I am running as a councillor for Blacktown City Council ward 5. 

With my expertise and experiences I would like to apply them to help the council to deliver services that benefits the whole Blacktown community.  I want to represent you in the council to benefit our growing multi cultural communities by providing services beneficial to every residents in Blacktown.

I have been a volunteer worker in various community sectors most especially in communities which involves health, education, safety,  welfare and environment for local, state and federal services; also those that concern the Filipino community. 

I migrated to Australia in 1980 from the Philippines with my late husband Rafael and our two sons. I have been a Blacktown resident since 1993. I worked in the Education and Health services sectors until I retired.
Vince del Gallego - Hornsy Shire Council - Independent - Ward C

I am pleased to announce that I am re-contesting a seat in Hornsby Council, as Independent representing Ward C.  I want to thank those who voted for me in the last election.  It was great to have served as a Councillor and as Deputy Major (2017 – 2019) in my last term.

Council must not follow instructions issued by major political party machines, whose varied interests are spread across its hierarchy and major supporters before the community’s interests.  I am a True Independent, with a proven track record of putting our community needs at the centre of my decision making process – I do not compromise.

Jess Diaz - Blacktown City Council – Ward 1


I am serving my third term as Liberal Councillor in Blacktown City Council.  Having served as first president of the Philippine Community Council in NSW and two-term as president of the Filipino Communities of Australia (FILCCA) as well as being involved in many Filipino groups and the mainstream community, I am well-aware of the issues in everyday life. 

As a practising solicitor of over 30 years who made friends and assisted thousands of Filipinos, I hope to continue to advocate the special needs of migrant communities. 

As an experienced Councillor, I also hope to continue and bring about a balanced governance and better service delivery espousing my long-held belief in liberal values of less government and individual responsibility.

Carol Israel - Blacktown City Council - Ward 4

I am seeking re-election to Blacktown City Council - Ward 4 under the Labor banner. I would like to thank my constituents for their on-going support and for giving me the opportunity to make a difference to our community.

Blacktown Council have achieved a lot under the Labor Leadership and turned Blacktown into a vibrant, inclusive and leading city. We were able to deliver 3 transformational projects namely, the Warwick Lane Development (First Stage Completed), the International Centre of Training Excellence and the Animal Holding Facility, both projects are underway. We have kept Council Rates as low as possible.

We have rejuvenated local roads and foot paths, transformed our community hubs and centres like the $4.5 million award winning Neighbourhood Centre in Woodcroft, upgraded Reserves and Parks like Nurrangingy Reserve and the list goes on. Labor will continue to deliver.

Rey Manoto – Candidate for Councillor – Campbelltown City Council  


I am humbly nominating again for Councillor in the City of Campbelltown local election on 4 December 2021.   

In the past five years, we are elated of our excellent achievements, and with our fellow Labor Councillors under the leadership of our beloved Mayor George Brticevic, I would like to continue to contribute my services, serve the community and make a difference for the interest of our local residents.   

My passion in bushland management and regeneration gave me the enthusiasm to participate in various bush care management and rehabilitation projects of the city and of Georges Riverkeeper, where I represent our Council in this 8-Councils Committee and currently serving as Treasurer.  

As first term Councillor, I was primarily involved in projects like more tree planting activities; stormwater critical evaluation and review; boundary markers on major entry points of Campbelltown; revival of drive-in cinema; etc.  I had participated in various commemorative/memorial official functions; social and community events, sectoral conferences, sporting group presentations; end-of-year school ceremonies; church dedication services; and multicultural festivals.  

Danny Peralta - Blacktown City Council - Ward 5

I am Danny Peralta, a CPA by profession running as Lead Candidate - Councilor for Blacktown LGA - Ward 5 endorsed by Kevin Connoly, MP, a strong stalwart member of the Liberal Party. 

My experience as a Public Accountant will only complement our local budget as we grow and thrive as a community. I have been a member of the Liberal Party for many years now. My family came to Australia 47 years ago and we are so grateful for the life we have built in Sydney.

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to serve my community in Blacktown, and be an important member of my cultural community. I hold important roles within the Filipino community as President and Treasurer for different organisations and now I welcome giving back to the wonderful city of Blacktown.


The Austalian Filipina wishes all the candidates the best in their quest for a position in the councils to extend the community services that they have been doing.  It is the pride of the Fil-Aus community to have people of Filipino heritage serving the wider community in their role as Councillor in the local government.

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