The Australian National Maritime Museum collects and exhibits the stories of migrants and honours them on the National Monument to Migration. Any person who was born overseas and settled into Australia may be honoured on the Monument which currently features close to 34,000 names ( including 149 names from the Phillipines) on bronze panels that run down the northern promenade of the Museum, facing Pyrmont Bay.

There are a few more spots available on the National Monument to Migration unveiling ceremony on 11 May 2024, Mother’s Day weekend.  Two registrations had been received from the Filipino-Australian community for this ceremony.    This is open to all migrants but would make a special gift to mothers and grandmothers.    If not able to attend May 11 unveiling they have been registered and would be included for the unveiling in November 2024.

The first Fil-Aus to be inscribed on the National Monument to Migration is Atty Lolita Farmer, OAM.   Subsequent inscriptions of the Monument include: Dr Zeny Edwards, Evelyn de la Pena, Jun Relunia, Michelle Baltazar, Emily Dingle-Rudd, Jinky Marsh and Cesar Bartolome, to name a few.

Three years after being touched by the unveiling ceremony for the inscription of the names of the grandparents of her husband, KRI Secretary, Radio Tagumpay broadcaster and TAF writer, Violi Calvert registered herself in January 2021.  She was included in the first batch who joined in time for the Welcome Wall to be elevated in March as the National Monument for Migration. Her inscription is on: Panel 83, Row 2, Line 19.

The donation of $500 is tax deductible, so a win-win way to give back to Australia. Not only would the name (could take 43 characters) but also would entitle the participants to have an online page where their story and maximum of 10 photos, to share with their family and friends, and can be updated any time.

To register please visit National Monument to Migration - Australian National Maritime Museum ( or call (02) 9298 3777

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