One of Original Pinoy Music [OPM] icons and a member of the legendary Apo Hiking Society band for more than 40 years,  Jim Paredes is currently spending time with his family in their Sydney home. Having completed the required 14 days of quarantine upon arrival from the Philippines and settling in with the family's routine, he he did not waste time to share his gift of music to benefit kababayans who are needing assistance.

  On June 20 at 12 noon to 1pm, Sydney time [10am-11am Manila time] Jim performed in an online concert which was live-streamed through his Facebook page

  The goal of the concert was to raise funds to provide food assistance to 200 families in Donsol, Sorsogon and to provide livelihood equipment to 50 Butanding Interaction Officers (whale shark protectors) in Donsol.

  The Butanding Interaction Officers, popularly referred to as the BIOs, are the frontliners of Donsol’s whale shark tourism, acting as both tour guides and life guards. The BIOs ensure order and safety, making the interactions enjoyable for everyone, especially for those who lack swimming skills. As tradition would have it that the whale sharks regularly visit the waters of Donsol, the BIOs will continue to provide services for tourism and to help in the protection of the environment.

  In order for the BIOs to rise above the pandemic crisis upon the resumption of the whale shark tourism operations, they would be provided with new equipment: swimming masks, snorkels, fins, and rash guards. The raised funds would cover these materials needed by our BIOs so they can recover and rebuild their livelihoods and continue protecting the whale sharks and the environment, as well as supporting the economy of the Donsol community.

Supporters tuned in to the concert not only to enjoy the  beautiful music shared by Jim Paredes but also to help to our kababayans and the environment.   Some donations had been received but can still be made till June 30, through this link: .  

When asked what motivated him to undertake the initiative, Jim said:
" I like supporting causes that make the world a better place for the least privileged. If I can help through my music, why not?"

Jim's message to all:
"Hey everyone, I know life is difficult for everyone. The truth is, aren't we still the lucky ones. We are not lacking when it comes to the basic things in life. I invite you to give, no amount is little, while I sing my songs for you. It will be good. Promise!"

 This was not the first online fundraising initiative during the pandemic that Jim had been involved in. 

  "I was one of many artists who did a concert in April for Bayanihan Musikahan, a project spearheaded by Ryan Cayabyab. We raised P122M for the urban poor and the frontliners. 

  "I also did one for World Concert Day  in May where I donated the proceeds to the Red Cross."

 While he has some free time, Jim is also to keen to share his passion for songwriting.  He will be conducting online classes for five weeks starting June 23, every Tuesday and Thursday, at 11 AM-12:30 PM Manila time, 1PM Australia, 8PM in California. There will be 10 sessions all in all.   His goal is to get the students write one song a week, so a total of five songs.  If interested, send him a direct message through his Facebook page.

 Viewers not only enjoyed several OPM hits but also helped raise funds for our kababayan frontliners!  Donations can still be made to June 30, 2020 through the link above.


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