As part of the celebration of the Food Month 2021, Sentro Rizal in Sydney in cooperation with the Philippine Department of Tourism - Sydney, is undertaking online streaming of Lasap Serye - Season 3.  Lasap Serye airs at 6pm on Fridays during the month of April.

Tonight's third episode of Lasap Serye Season 3 features Kinilaw na Isda demonstrated by Mr. Bienvenido Ulep, husband of Collecting Officer Alice Ulep.

The demonstration of Kinilaw na Isda by Mr Ulep will be livestreamed on the Facebook pages of:

Sentro Rizal Sydney -  (5) Sentro Rizal Sydney | Facebook
Philippine Consulate General in Sydney -  (5) Philippine Consulate General in Sydney NSW | Facebook

Kinilaw na Isda

Kinilaw na Isda is a raw seafood dish. It is the Filipino version of the Latin American dish ceviche. The cooking/preparation process relies on vinegar and/or acidic fruit juices, such as calamansi, Kamias, tamarind, balimbing, to enhance the tartness.  Kinilaw is usually served as an appetizer or as “pulutan” during gatherings of family and friends.

Popular kinds of fish used in kinilaw is tangigue (Spanish Mackerels), malasugi (marlins or swordfish), tambakol (yellow fin tuna), bangus (milkfish), and anchovies.

This version of Kinilaw na isda used blue marlin tuna cooked in vinegar, lemon, cucumber, onion, ginger, salter egg, salt and pepper. 



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