Fil-Aus composer-singer Mary van der Horst is all set to add two more in her collection of music awards.  She has been nominated by an anonymous fan in two categories of the Australian Woman Music Awards 2021 - Lifetime Achievement and Songwriter.

The thirty five year old Melbourne-based artist happily shared on her Facebook page::

"I am very grateful and happy to announce that I am nominated for 2 categories in the Australian Woman Songwriter Award and Lifetime Achievement Award.  I have received messages from fans that they have nominated me."

The Australian Filipina which has previously featured Mary Ann came across her posting and asked her about it.

She shared:

"I was surprised. I then checked my email and then yeah got the message from the Australian Women in Music Award. This means a lot to me of course because to be able to part of the Australian Women in Music awards, it just shows that someone or some people do believe in my talent and appreciate my hard work in music industry.  It's a very good opportunity to be shown and to be heard in the Australian music scenes.

"The decisions on the awards I believe would be by the end of August. They don’t choose  video submissions or live performances but I guess by assessing the experience or who is suitable for the category.  These would be a good awards to receive because this is where I live, this is my home now.  I love for my Australian and Filipino supporters to be proud of me.".

The Australian Women in Music Awards is a celebration and a commitment to recognising the contributions of women across all areas of the Australian music industry. The AWMAs recognise the value and contributions of women across 17 categories.

Before these nominations, Mary Ann has previously won many awards. These include 2020  St Moritz Music Awards in Switzerland for Best International Artist of Original Song, 2017 World championships of performing arts in California (Multi medalist and Plaque received); 2016 Coast to Coast Chicago (1st runner up); Australian Songwriting Association in Sydney 2017;  Akademia Music Awards California (Best Electronica Dance & Best Pop) 2017 (Multiple awards), to name a few. 

Mary has been performing for more than 20 years.  She started singing when she was just 6 yrs old to support my family from her monetary winnings.  She gained confidence from the early experiences and ventured performing all over the world. 

Asked what she currently does in her music journey, she said:

"I am regularly performing online and locally here in Melbourne. I am happy to say that I have an upcoming concert in Sydney on 7th of August under JPS Entertainment and produced by Pearl Gardiner.   I am very excited to see my beautiful supporters and entertain them live. I still do write songs and thinking of recording it to be released.

"I just released 3 new tracks on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, deezer and other music online stores.The songs are: Shake It Up, Lost in Dance and The Sun will Shine Again."

Is there anything else she is aspiring to achieve?

"Probably to be recognised more and to be given an opportunity to be appear regularly on TV."

Her advice to aspiring artists, especially the young people who have the passion in music but are hesitating to pursue it:

"Just be yourself. Don’t give up your dreams. Work hard to get it because if you want something in life and you push it hard, you will get it but of course do it with passion and determination. Be humble."

Whether she wins the two nominations or not, she is already a winner in the eyes of her many fans.

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