Established in December 2021, MNovis is the new fashion centre in Sydney for the modern-day woman.

"We're glad with the feedback we have received since our opening. Hence, we are all the more inspired to pursue our only goal, which is to offer apparel with the style that defines a modern, confident, and goal-driven lady," said Marites Novis, the name behind the new retail brand.

Located at Westpoint Shopping Centre in Blacktown, MNovis has a vast collection of well-curated ready-to-wear items and accessories that provide ease and elegance to the ones who wear them (See the latest collection in the gallery).

She said they are proud to offer two of the most respected womenswear brands in the Philippines  - ‘Plains & Prints’ and ‘Kamiseta’

"These classic brands have a range of apparel that is chic and stylish to the max, from skirts, tops, blazers and dresses that are versatile enough to be mixed and matched."

Less than two months old but MNovis is already shaping up to be the perfect shopping destination for Australian-Filipina women who want a mix of sass and heritage in their fashionwear.

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The Australian Filipina is proud to support local businesses that promote Philippine arts, culture and fashion. 

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