As part of the commemoration of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, The Australian Filipina is proud to share the Olympic  from Spirit Reborn which is part of the compilation of poems and verses by Mrs Linda Swords.  Spirit Reborn was put together to raise funds for Gawad Kalinga.


Jess Diaz, Founder of the Filipino Community Councils of Australia Foreword in the book states:

"This impressive literary work is a reflection of the author's inner being.  Linda has always been true to her faith and belief which she shares with her family and friends.  We have been fortunate to be part of her journey.

"Spirit Reborn will enhance the pogram and vision for a slum-free society.  It enkindles the essence of love, care and brotherhood.

I thank Linda for her art."

Tony Meloto, Chairman of the Board of Gawad Kalinga also expressed his appreciation of Spirit Reborn.  He said:

"This outstanding piece of literature attests to my belief that Filipinos, wherever they are, or whoever they may be, have not stopped caring for the poor....."

About Linda Swords

Linda Swords taught English in high schools in the Philippines and Australia. She has spent many years working with community groups to assist and support Filipino migrants in Sydney and in other regions of New South Wales. In her spare time, Linda writes poems and stories and paints landscapes.

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