Good news to all Filipino-Australians who are interested in helping the Philippines in their recovery and resilience programs. A seminar to help out our kababayans – most especially our loved ones who currently affected by the different issues that the country is faced – calamities, pandemic, challenges in the economy. This is the time to be involved.

Original press release follows:

CANBERRA  – The Embassy of the Philippines invites all kababayan to an online financial literacy seminar on 10 August 2021 (Tuesday), 6:00 to 7:00 PM (AEST). The Bureau of the Treasury of the Philippines will introduce the new retail bond offering of the Philippines, Retail Dollar Bonds (RDBs), as a safe investment opportunity for overseas Filipinos and small investors.

Through the seminar, the Bureau of the Treasury aims to encourage overseas Filipino investors to mobilize their savings and earn while helping fund the Government’s recovery and resilience programs. RDBs will be offered at a minimum placement of only US$300. According to the Bureau of the Treasury, the National Government will assume the withholding tax on interest income, allowing investors to earn full interest on their principal.

RDB is a low-risk investment security and options for subscription will include identified digital platforms. – END

For interested parties, you could click to join.


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