In celebration of the National Heritage month and the 76th anniversary of bilateral relations between Philippine and Australia, the Philippine Consulate presents artist Francisco "Frank" Rovero and his artworks. 
Mr. Rovero is a Filipino-Australian artist who has permanently resettled in Australia with his family. He belongs to an illustrious list of Fine Arts-graduates of the University of Santo Tomas who have   made significant contributions to Philippine art and culture. 
His innate talent is reflected and felt in his work, his beautiful treatment that draws form and spiritual visions continuing the classical tradition, blending with visual elements of more contemporary and modern style.
He has won and received several awards and recognitions for his artworks.
Currently, Mr. Rovero is working on a 73-pc painting, divided into 7 panels, to be installed in the ceiling of the Glory and the Garden Chapel in Iloilo City, Philippines. The art pieces depict the important events from the Creation to Resurrection, in the New and Old Testament of the Bible. 
The featured artworks may be viewed on the Consulate's facebook page. 

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