Aside from lipstick and brow pencil, there is one thing that a woman apparently can not live without – the mascara. It’s that one item that puts a little wow factor to your eyes as it blinks.. Jctto


If you haven’t jumped into the lash extension bandwagon and you’re still having problems with your mascara application, here are some tips that’ll help you add lush those lashes.

If you’re having problems with clumps of mascara on your lashes..

  • Use the zigzag technique – brush mascara sideways and pull out as you make a “Z” movement, this way it takes out excess mascara as it goes
  • Use a lash guard to help you press in the product as well as scoop out the excess 


If you’re still experiencing blobs of mascara staying on your lashes…

  • Use a lash brush – it’s a synthetic brush that’s sparse and sturdy to brush out the excess mascara
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  • Use a disposable brush that’s free from mascara deposits … this allows for more even distribution of the product on your lashes
  • Choose a mascara brush that can be bent – this allows you to reach into the corners of the lashes without getting the product on your skin

cttoIf your mascara keeps on smudging on your skin..

  • Make sure that you skin is properly prepped- cleansed-toned- and moisturized.. this brings the skin to its natural ph balance – no extra oiliness to think about.
  • If you are prone to excessive sweating, use a waterproof mascara
  • To erase the mascara left on your skin, use a gel make-up remover – liquid ones make more of a mess.

The most important tip I can give you is this – it’s better to build than to erase. Applying thin amounts of mascara makes it look more natural and manageable.

Do you need to apply to your lower lashes – YES. if you have very light eyes and thin lash hairs and NO. I you have dark eyes and thick lashes – there’s such a thing as overkill.  AND if you don’t want to always look like you’re eternally surprised, don’t apply mascara on your lower lash.


Do you have more tips  you’d want to share? Write to us and let’s see, we might feature you and your tips next time! J

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