Filipina  artist  Pinky  Amador will be in Sydney this month to headline a fundraising event and support a creative development  workshop for a  theatre  project tentatively titled Filipino-­Australian Migration Stories.

Amador, who was part of the original cast of ‘Miss Saigon’ in London, will be performing at Songs From The Heart, a fundraising concert to be held in Burwood RSL Club on 14 October. The event will benefit  the  long-­term disaster management work of the Philippine Red Cross.  

Pinky Amador in Sydney

Pinky Amador in Sydney

The theatre development that she will be participating in explores Filipino cultural identity in an Australian  context. She comes to Australia on the invitation of the same creative team behind Aussies   of the Magic Mic and Adobo Kind, a production shown at last year’s Sydney Fringe Festival  2011.

Creative producer Rosary Coloma said the group thought it would add depth to their exploration of the many layers of Filipino cultural identity if they had a theatre artist from the Philippines collaborating with them.

"This year, Pinky became the department head of Theatre Arts at MINT College in the Philippines, so she has been overseeing the workshopping with the theatre arts academic staff and students. With that in mind, and her vast experience in theatre, I thought she'd be an appropriate collaborator for this workshop," she said.

The theatre project is seeking sponsors and has called on the community to support the crowd  funding campaign on  to pledge anywhere from $5 to $1000.

Coloma said that Amador will be at the Fiesta Kultura this weekend.

Photo credit: Edsel Ochoa


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