In the spirit of community, inclusion and girls’ participation in sports, the Homegrown Royals sporting club encourages teamwork, friendship and family.

 As we slowly return to our routines post the pandemic, months of lockdown has given us all time for some reflection, and truly miss the things that we love. Basketball, like many other sports came to a standstill.

Over the weekend of 13-14 November 2021, the Royals girls participated in the Joflow Basketball League (JBL) tournament held at Hawkesbury Stadium. As one of the four under 16s girls teams competing in the competition, it was anticipated that there would be basketball athletes from around the metropolitan area who would complete over the two days.

 The Royals team played a total of six games, against four challenging teams. Led by Head Coach Tony Montano, who was assisted by Jolly Impreso, the line-up comprised of talented, passionate girls who displayed outstanding game IQ, in the game by Abbey Houseman, Abbey Vallance, Isabella De Jesus, Jennifer Mailei, JolzyneImpreso, Leah Fowler, Porscha Parades, Reese Nunez, Ryanna Roman and Whitney Matalavea.  

The Royals won the finals over G5 which put a good fight; however the more experienced Royals put a wider margin at the end, with the championship win score being 45-25. The two teams showed great camaraderie and were happy to be photographed together.


Royals (in orange)
Top row: Abbey Houseman, Jennifer Mailei, Leah Fowler, Abbey Vallance, Isabella De Jesus,
Whitney Matalavea, Coach Tony Montano and Assistant Coach Jolly Impreso.
Front row: Ryanna Roman, Reese Nunez, Porscha Parades, and Jolzyne Impreso.

G5 Team (in black)
Bottom (left to right): Angelina Bezzina,Malki Halwala, Lauren Martin, Chloe Kho. 
Top (left to right): Nadia Aukoso, Rebecca Megan Alice Donnelly, Abbey Victoria Hush, Ebony Sophia Iman Dixon

Homegrown Royals (HGR) is a sporting club for basketball based in Blacktown area, in western Sydney.
It was established in early 2019 and aims to promote healthy living, camaraderie and fun through the sport of Basketball.
For further information check out its webpage:
Or contact Cromwell Alvarez, Director. on 0406 770 810 or via

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