In what promises to be a busy term ahead, the newly-elected officials of the Alliance of Philippine Community Organisations, Inc. (APCO) are as upbeat as ever.

Attending a board election and annual general meeting of community organisation APCO is like attending a fiesta: the vibe is welcoming and there is food everywhere.

But even amid the convivial atmosphere, there was a sense of purpose: last Sunday was no ordinary day but the beginning of a new roadmap for the very effective and quickly-mobilised organisation.

But the changing of the guards, which occured on 29 March at the Kapit-Bahayan Co-op Canley Vale's site, happened seamlessly and pain-free. As APCO member Richard Ford said in the invocation before the AGM, "Let us remember that we are not here to be served by the community but to serve the community."

Elected to serve for a two-year term (2014-16) are:

President: Ruben Amores;
Senior Vice President: Josefina Bonto
Junior Vice President: Cora Perez
Secretary: Pet Storey
Treasurer: Edna Voros
Auditor: Josephine de los Reyes
PRO: Richard Ford

Directors are: Emma Braceros, Marx Canoy, Violeta Escultura, Mick Miguel, Glorina Papaioannou, Cora Paras, Amor Ramos and Linda Trinidad.

Following the elections, the newly-elected officers recited their Oath of Office before APCO Founding President, Dr Cen Amores and the voting members composed of community leaders, individual members and representatives of the affiliated organisations. Representatives of the various media outlets and guests witnessed the very friendly and orderly transfer of responsibilities. 

Before the election, outgoing APCO president, Jhun Salazar reported the many successful advocacy, community development and partnership projects with culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities, capacity building trainings provided to affiliates, successful funding grants received, government events attended and awards, recognitions and special government designations accorded to a number of APCO community leaders.

Salazar also highlighted APCO’s Overseas Relief Mission (ORM) in Eastern Visayas supplemented by the video showing of the mission’s activities. 

In the interest of transparency and accountability, Salazar distributed a comprehensive financial and accomplishment report of APCO’s Humanitarian Emergency and Livelihood (HEAL) project on Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) Relief Assistance. It included a Statement of Receipts from various fundraising activities, a List of Donors and amount donated, amount raised from each of the fundraising functions and events initiated, attended and partnered with other organisations, amount raised from each of the ten train stations where bucket fundraising were conducted.

A List of Disbursements to various livelihood assistance projects (gardening program and fishing nets distribution), house rebuilding materials delivered, relief distributions conducted, feeding programs for malnourished children conducted and funded for the next 4 months, school supplies distributed, 11 places assisted and number of households/families and individuals beneficiaries was also reported.

Also included in the report is the number of direct cash assistance recipients from the community whose families and close relatives had been directly impacted by the devastation caused by typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). 

The day ended with the cutting of birthday cakes by the celebrant, Ruben Amores, who has led in creating many ably-executed and highly beneficial community-like housing coops (Kapitbahayan, Sedgwick and Karen coops), multicultural groups (ASCON) and is currently a coop housing state board member.

Kapitbahayan is the first and only ABS-CBN Global Heroes awardee in Southern Hemisphere. The Auburn Small Community Organisation Network is a model of collaborations among several ethnic groups. 

Source: Community Press Release

Photos: Bob Reyes


Main APCO Board photo shown. FRONT L-R Sitting Richard Ford PRO, Josephine delos Reyes Auditor, Pet Storey Secretary, Josefina Bonto, Senior Vice-President, Ruben Amores President, Cora Perez Junior Vice-President,Edna Voros Treasurer.
Back Row L-R Emma Braceros Director, Glorina Papaioannou Director, Violeta Escultura Director, Mick Miguel Director, Marx Canoy Director, Amor Ramos Director, Cora Paras Director.

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