The inaugural Teen & Miss Runway Supermodel Australia event delivered all it promised!  In fact, the event undertaken by Runway Supermodel Australia with Regal Star Productions putting the show together and executing it, presented an event beyond the expectations. The event held on May 15, 2021 at Novotel Sydney West HQ delighted the audience both attending at the venue and those viewing the streaming with the glamour, pizzazz and impressive entertainment.

The event showcased a great combination of creativity, arts and entertainment. From the moment the curtains opened to show on stage the actual makeup and hair styling setup, as well as the racks of dresses, the audience knew they were in for a very different event.  Chi de Jesus was the Overall Director of the event, assisted by Ducky Igmat(who looked after the music and video) and an effective Production Team attending to the other facets of staging of a fantastic event.

Kudos to Director Chi de Jesus for quite a radical and impressive stage presentation.  He commented:

"The main concept is an open backstage to celebrate the revival of the events industry and to acknowledge all the hardworking people back stage."  

All the contestants of the Teen & Miss Runway Supermodel Australia looked glamorous and confident on the runway reflecting the training they received from Runway Academy leading up to the event.  They were all winners for having come far in their development.  These lovely supermodels are (in contestant number order):  Teen -1. Jenny Keshari, 2. Diya Bhengra, 3. Felisha Wiid, 4. Soleil Russo, 5. Kiri Olsen. Adult: 6. Emma Cocks, 7. Abrienne Macari, 8. Brooke Robinson

The Judges who had the difficult task of picking winners were:  Failepou Peni - CEO and Founder of Pacific International Runway and Lepou; Sheridan Mortlock - Miss Earth Australia Air 2020; Marissa O'Donnell, International Magazine Photographer and Sustainable Fashion Designer.

The winners of the various awards and main titles are as listed below.

Special Award Winners:

  • Best in Costume | Kiri Olsen
  • Miss Charity | Diya Bhangra


  • Miss Photogenic | Soleil Russo
  • Darling of the Brands | Soleil Russo
  • People's Choice Award | Diya Bhengra


  • Miss Photogenic | AbrienneMacari
  • Darling of the Brands | AbrienneMacari
  • People's Choice Awards | AbrienneMacari


  • 4th Runner Up Teen Runway Supermodel Australia  2021 | Diya Bhengra
  • 3rd Runner Up Teen Runway Supermodel Australia  2021 | Jenny Keshari
  • 2nd Runner Up Teen Runway Supermodel Australia 2021 | Felisha Wiid
  • 1st Runner Up Teen Runway Supermodel Australia 2021 | Soleil Russo
  • Teen Runway Supermodel Australia 2021 | Kiri Olsen


  • 2nd Runner Up Miss Runway Supermodel Australia 2021 | Emma Cocks
  • 1st Runner Up Miss Runway Supermodel Australia 2021 | Brooke Robinson
  • Miss Runway Supermodel Australia 2021 | AbrienneMacari

The hosts who ensured that the evening went smoothly and enjoyable to the finish comprised of Crystel Anne Lovea Bandal (International Model, Host of Behind the Lens, Editor of ChicStilo& Co-Producer of Runway Supermodel Australia), Jojo Sebastian (Mr Diamond International 2021), IsaiaAkava (Event Planner & Event Host).

The audience had been entertained by talented and popular performers.  These are Jojo Sebastian, Criz Guce (lead vocalist of Vonix Connex) and Crystel Bandal.

The event also featured the ChicStilo Fashion Show.  The models who strutted the runway with various types of clothes were: Summer Ahmad, Sabrina Andalis, Gwen Barcenas-Hensley, Laila Devine, Angelique Goss, Jessica-Grace and Helina Musgun.  The Fashion Designer: KRVogue and clothing brands: Voudra Moda and Regal Bridal.

There had been fantastic feedback by so many.  What started as a dream and concept by the mother-daughter team, Lovely Bandal, CEO, Founder and Producer of Runway Supermodel Australia and CrystelBandal, Co-Producer had set a trail blazer in the fashion and entertainment world.

The Australian Filipina caught up with Lovely and glad to share her overall comments and message to all involved in the event.

"The moment we have been all waiting for so long had finally happened—the final night of Runway Supermodel Australia. We had been through many ups and downs, but we were able to make it to the end. I feel mixed emotions seeing the girls bloomed and shone on the runway. They had a big development and progressed from the first day we met them up to that night. We are so thrilled to see them rocking the runway, looking very elegant and glamorous. We are very excited to work with these beautiful girls soon and see what the future holds for them.

"Congratulations to all the winners, most especially to Kiri Olsen, Teen Runway Supermodel Australia 2021 and AbrienneMacari, Miss Runway Supermodel Australia 2021!

"Congratulations to the parents and family of these young girls. We thank you for the trust and support.

"We thank everyone who participated in the success of our program, the mentors, coaches and sponsors. We are so grateful for all the positive support that we had received that make this moment possible. 

"From the backstage crew, productions, hair and makeup stylists to the performers and hosts. We really appreciate all your hard work and dedication in helping us to achieve our goals in creating a good show.

"We are looking forward to creating more unique and creative projects in future.

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