As soon as the countdown to the so-called “Freedom day” last October 11, a family member went through flights to go back to the Philippines. While going through the proper protocols going back, we found out these important details that I’d like to share to our readers who may also be planning to book a flight to the Philippines.

Before your departure date, you should download the app or register in the following websites:

When you reach the check-in counter of your chosen airline, you should be prepared with the following documents (which can be printed or saved a photo on your mobile phone):

  • Double Vaccination Certificate
    • Be ready to indicate the details of your first and second vaccine – the date for each of the vaccines, type of vaccine received and the place where you got vaccinated
  • Booking information of your quarantine hotel which should be part of the Philippines’ list of accredited hotels.

Fortunately, through the help of Consul Melanie Diano of the Philippine Consulate General in Sydney, we received this Travel Advisory from the post of the Bureau of Immigration :  

Have a safe trip and send us your photos! ;) 

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