Have you seen llast week’s forecast? This week we will be discussing the specific animal signs for people born in specific years. Here are some info based on my internet research. Check this chart out to give you a better idea before you go to your animal sign’s forecast for 2022.




The RAT this year enjoys winning energies from the VICTORY STAR. This brings you competitive luck, allowing you to emerge triumphant in whatever you choose to pursue. A year to go after what you want and challenge yourself with BIG goals!


The OX looks forward to an extremely satisfying year with success luck firmly on your side. The Prosperity Star brings you great wealth luck and many lucrative opportunities. A year to strengthen your financial position, so don’t let money-making opportunities pass you by. 


The TIGER has much to gain. Set yourself clear goals, as you are perfectly poised to attain whatever you aim for. Make this a year to remember by surrounding yourself with the right people and taking full advantage of all your lucky stars.


This is a year when you can make great things happen for you! Do not get your emotions get ahead of you though. There may be challenges to come from quarrelsome associates. Using your diplomatic abilities may prove helpful in solving these problems.


This is a year full of potentially big breaks; the kinds that catapult you onto much bigger playing fields! The feng shui winds bring popularity, mental agility and immense networking luck.  Aim high but channel your energy wisely and avoid spreading yourself too thin. Hold fast amidst setbacks, stay the course and activate all your lucky indications, as there is much success to be reaped.


The SNAKE is one of the LUCKIEST signs in 2022. Your Element Luck ratings are off the charts, giving you great vitality and the determination to go after whatever your heart desires. This may be the year to pursue more educational advancements – increased learning provides more chances of getting good breaks.  For singles, wonderful opportunities await you in love. An extremely satisfying year, so make it a point to harness your incredibly good fortune!


The HORSE is extremely strong in 2022, enabling you to rise above any challenge. Your luck is very favourable and new opportunities will come your way.  Continue to be healthy and strong to accommodate all these good energies into your life.  Plan and achieve.


The SHEEP enjoys excellent success luck and glorious energies! Your inherent charm serves you well, your efforts become extra meaningful, and your goals become much easier to attain. Take care of your health and your relationships to keep up with the good fortune.  But don’t work too hard because you might be prone to illnesses this year. Set yourself up for a splendid year by collaborating with the right animal signs and surrounding yourself with the right people.


The MONKEY receives TWO Big Auspicious Stars bringing multiple life-changing opportunities! This may be achieved by going the extra mile.  Be clear with your goals, then go after them! You have the Illness Star to contend with, so take care of your health. But if you leverage your best months and remedy your afflictions, the year promises great things for the Monkey!


The ROOSTER is wonderfully energized in 2022. This year will  bring all kinds of opportunities worthy of grand celebrations. An opportune year to spread your wings and soar! Just be careful about your investments and the people you associate with to prevent any losses. Keep your wits about you and remedy the afflictions, for the year holds great success luck for the Rooster-born.


You’d be thankful for your loyalty friends because they will come back to help you achieve your goals and introduce you to windfalls. The Dog is the most dependable of all the 12 signs, but this year, you must learn to be comfortable being on the receiving end.  Be ready to accept these special favours because you’ve been working hard with your relationships which now ups the chances of opportunities introduced by friends.


Good luck and great success for the boar. This comes from people who will assist you achieve your goals this year. With your secret friend the Tiger ruling the year, you can be assured of strong support from all quarters. Element ratings shore up excellent success potential, so set yourself ambitious goals.

Best months to change your job and start new projects – January, February and March

Lucky months in love – April, May and November (find a lover, extend families)

Auspicious month for most zodiacs are – June, July and August  (get married, build a house or go on vocation).

If you're not familiar with the Chinese Animal signs, I'll provide you with your luck for 2022 based on your Western Zodiac signs. See you next week! 


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