lamb caldereta

lamb caldereta

Acclaimed Filipino-Australian cookbook author and this year’s winner of the Filipino Master Chef Competition, NERIA SOLIMAN, has compiled a list of the most popular regional recipes. Over the next few months, we endeavour to feature each of these dishes and how they can be cooked in Australia, particularly if the ingredients are hard to find and you want advice on the alternatives.

If you have a recipe you’d like to share with our readers on any of the dishes mentioned, please email them to with photos (if possible) and we’ll try to publish it here. Stay tuned!

North (Baguio, Ilocos, Pangasinan)

  • Pinakbet
  • Binagoongan
  • Bagoong Guisado
  • Bopis
  • Bulanglang
  • Upo Dinengdeng

North (Pampanga)

  • Sanz Rival
  • Burong Talanka
  • Rellenong Bangus
  • Burong Dalag
  • Kamamaro
  • Calderetta
  • Mechado

Central Luzon (Quezon, Laguna)

  • Buco Pie
  • Longanisa Lukban
  • Espasol
  • Puto Binang
  • Tinagoctoc
  • Adobong Tagalog

South (Bicol Region)

  • Laing
  • Bicol Express
  • Tinutungan
  • Adobo sa Gata
  • Kurakding
  • Inon-on
  • Dinguan manok

South (Visayan Region)

  • Pancit Molo
  • Lumpia Sariwa
  • Kilawin
  • Bachoy
  • Tinagoctoc

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