The National Monument to Migration is one of the most important and visible tributes to our migration heritage.  The Australian National Maritime Musem collects the stories of migrants to Austraia, and the National Monument is one of our most significant and visible ways of recognising the people behind these stories.

Filipino-Australians are the fifth-largest subgroup of the Overseas Filipinos. According to the 2016 census, there are over 304,015 Fiipino-Australians.  They undoubtedly contribute greatly to the Australian society in the various jobs they hold and in the community organisations they serve.  It would be great if more Fil-Aussies become part of the National Monument.

Over 30,000 names already appear on the 84 bronze panels that are joined together and run down the northern promenade of the museum, facing Pyrmont Bay.

Register to be part of the next special ceremony

You can honour a migrant – a loved one, a member of your family, yourself,  or a new arrival – on Australia’s National Monument to Migration at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

A donation is a fitting way to honour loved ones who have migrated to Australia and to ensure their personal stories are held in this important national collection. The donation of $500 is a small amount to outlay in return for all the good things we enjoy in the country.  In any case, the donation is tax deductible.  This will cover the inscription of the registrant’s name on the panel, an online page to hold 4,000 words of narrative and 10 photos which can be updated.

Register by 22 December 2021 to be part of the next special ceremony.

The Australian Filipina is glad to have featured the story of Violi Calvert who joined last year.  In our next issue, we will feature in the next issue of The Australian Filipina the Fil-Aussies who have joined to end of June 2021 and will be included in the next unveiling ceremony.  We hope you can join them for the next unveiling during Harmony Week.

For more information, check their website here.


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