Bereber Sayaw PD celebrates its anniversary of continued support for people suffering from Parkinson’s Disease amidst the pandemic. Founded by Filipino-Australian choreographer Novy Bereber, Bereber Sayaw PD extends its help beyond its regular clientele in Sydney to a number of PD attendees in the Philippines through his online classes.

Originally from Iloilo City, Novy is touted as the Philippine’s leading choreographer of his generation. He has mounted his works to the major dance companies in the Philippines – Ballet Philippines, Ballet Manila, and the Philippine Theatre and Airdance, and is a renowned choreographer of the Sydney Mardi Gras and Vivid Sydney. He was awarded Young Filipino Artist of the Year 2016 by FILLCA and Outstanding Achievement as Performing Artist 2017 by FACCES.

He set up Bereber Sayaw PD during the pandemic in Australia and the Philippines to set up a circle of people who worked together to alleviate some of the issues brought by Parkinson’s Disease. The free classes are based on a set of principles, approaches, and concepts that stimulate the participant’s creativity, imagination, cognitive skills, and emotions in a series of movements, paving way to a new revolutionary kind of therapy that makes the participants regain confidence and meaning in their lives through dance.

photo from SBS article 

Novy trained under Mark Morris from the founding headquarters of Dance PD in Brooklyn, New York, USA, Novy has further used his dance training to create more engaging moves for his loyal viewers to make the classes more engaging. In his classes, Novy combines several dance styles like ballet, contemporary, folk and improvisation to make his students feel like they are dancers and not patients. His creative approach has continued to provide the necessary exercise that help people suffering from PD live a better quality of life.

Congratulations to Bereber Sayaw PD and more power!

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