A message from NSW Health:

   NSW Health would like to thank all health workers, residential care workers and all staff for their dedicated work in ensuring the health and safety of the community during the coronavirus pandemic.

   NSW Health would also want to encourage all health workers to take care of themselves and get tested for the coronavirus even if they have mild symptoms such as a scratchy throat, a runny nose, cough or slight fever.

  We request your support to please share the NSW Health video messages below in English and Filipino calling on all our valuable health staff to get tested - your social media platforms, online publications, communities and networks.

  NSW Health would like call on all the valuable Filipino health workers in the community to thank them for their wonderful contribution and also to ensure they take care of themselves and get tested.

Everyone can visit www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19 for a of list clinics in NSW. 

Please see links below

Maraming maraming salamat. Many thanks for your continuous support.

Jesusa Helaratne, Coordinator and Media Manager, NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service


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