The great risks of covid-19 led to strict control measures put in by the Australian government.  Businesses were shut down and only essential services were allowed to remain open.   With many of the parents and their children staying at home, there was opportunity for bonding and doing things together.  Parents needed to be creative to keep the children entertained, as well as involved in educational and fun activities. 

My Lola, a children's book by Tina Ranoso Bangel which is being released today, May 1, 2020 has already shown to be a very welcomed and appreciated resource based on feedback from its pre-launch.

About My LoLa Book


My Lola, aimed for children 2-7 years, is the first book in an inspiring series of music and movement online classes focusing on food, family, music and culture for parents to discuss with their young children. The book is about a young boy’s Lola (Filipino word for Grandmother), who brings the family together with her delicious Filipino meals. The book takes the readers with Lola as she goes to the market  and see what ingredients she buys for her delicious meals. Lola and the family cook together family favourites such as Lumpia and Pork Adobo. As they share the meal the young boy feels blessed that the family is together, celebrating and enjoying Lola’s home cooked food.

What sets the book apart from similar ebook is that Tina combines the book with online music and movement classes.

Tina commented:  “There is something special when you combine music and dance with a children’s book, it’s brings the book to a whole new level.  As a family you create memories and at the same time connection. Readers will have the option to join the My Lola online music and movement classes where I will hold a number of lessons to help with the children’s cognitive, physical, emotional and social development. All of this while singing and dancing to original music and favourite classic."

Apart from introducing children to music such as traditional Filipino folk songs, Jazz, and original music, Tina will also share some of her mum’s Filipino recipes featured in the book during the online lessons, one example would be her son’s favourite Lumpia.

My Lola online music and movement classes lays good foundation for music. The book is easy to read and features beautiful illustrations that will capture children's attention. The storyline is engaging and will hook readers from start to finish. My Lola is being released today on  and will be available in Kindle. Readers can get their copy on Amazon or on the author's website.

Tina is hopeful to release the video relating to the book on May 4 on Tina Bangel Vocalist FB page   She is excited to be singing My Lola songs with the accompaniment of Joventino "Nono" Remotigue of Leumeah. Nono was the guitarist of the band "Maynilad" which she was formerly a member of.    

She said: "Once this lockdown is over,  we can do some live shows and music and movement workshops. Nono has many years of music experience, plus he looks a little like the Lolo in the book."

Tina's Perspective on My Lola

When asked what she considers to be best thing about My Lola book, music and movement initiative, Tina said:

"For many years I have dreamt of creating my own children’s book but was searching for inspiration. After a life changing experience in 2019 my fibroid diagnosis, I was forced to slow down. I realised that my inspiration was with me all along. My family, food and music all weaved in together with the Filipino culture and traditions.

 "This is a chance to pay homage to my heritage and a chance to bring like-minded families together. Families from all different backgrounds who see the importance of laying an educational foundation through music and play. Also seeing how it can benefit the brain, physical and emotional development of the child.

"Covid19 made me pre launch it because I saw the need for parents needing materials to help them entertain and educate their kids."

 In terms of what was the most challenging part of undertaking the initiative, she commented:
"I didn’t want to rush this project and I allowed it to develop and evolve in its own time. I really want to enjoy and savour the process. The challenge is uploading the book onto website platforms. As a first time author,  it has been a huge learning curve."

Feedback on My Lola So Far

"I have had so much support during this time. Most of the sales have been from overseas mainly America where there seems to be a strong empowering Filipino cultural movement.

"Many have commented on how this is a fun way to teach young kids about Filipino traditions, culture and rituals. 

"I’ve had a teacher reach out to me as far as Dubai, purchasing the book so it can be read it to the kindergarten students; so she in turn can educate the kids on the Filipino culture and traditions.

"Also with the lockdown restrictions due to Covid19 families are looking for fun and new ways to education and entertain their children.

About the Author

Tina Bangel is a vocal coach and professional singer who has inspired thousands of students to use singing as a form of personal development. A graduate from the Australian Institute of Music and a certified Master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) coach, Tina is the founder of the One Voice School Of Singing and the online singing course Singing Mastery- The One Voice Method.

She has developed and worked with singers who have been a part of The Voice, The X Factor and Australia's Got Talent, All Together Now. Her students have performed at Disneyland, Universal Studios, Radio City, and in major musicals such as The Lion King and The Sound of Music. Tina is often the go to backing vocalist for Filipino celebrities who tour Australia. Tina and her students have supported international celebrities such as Tony Award-winning Broadway star, Lea Salonga. She was a finalist of the international What's on 4 Junior Awards for most Outstanding Activity Leader (5-12 years).

She has also held successful charity concerts and crowdfunding campaigns for Red Kite and KidsXpress. Tina is the host of the One Voice Can Change the World podcast. She has been featured in The Huffington Post, Marie Claire & Inspired Coach, SBS, and The Daily Telegraph.  She is also a frequent guest of Filipino-Australian community radio shows  such as Radio Tagumpay which conducted her first interview on My Lola on April 20, 2020.

She lives in Sydney with her husband, son and their mini foxie Gloria.

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