2020 is almost over so now were here with a hopeful heart to jumpstart 2021 with a brief fashion forecast that will prepare you to be in the vogue as a stylish Pinay post COVID-19.

After the drab 2020 fashion downer which led us all to live in our sweat pants and cuddly animal slippers overstaying in our oversized Tees and jammies, here’s a quick whiff of the fragrant fashion possibilities for 2021.

It’s all about revivals. Welcome back some fashion staples of the 80’s and 90’s breathing a breath of fresh to the 90’s low rise spring/summer works of Balmain, Fendi and Versace, the Boho chics and the puffed sleeves, and even the 90’s hot hit tracksuit. However, what comes as a fashionable surprise are the padded shoulder pads sooooo popular in the 80’s. They are the shoulder pads that brings Jun Encarnacion’s and Ate V’s shoulder pads to shame. They are now called the “boyfriend jackets” and its coming a-blazing in 2021 via brands like Balmain and Victoria Beckham. But 2021 takes it to another level with the padded muscle T so better tone up those arms ladies.


  It’s all about pops of color. Whether its something to break monotony like touches of blue or what Vogue calls candy colors for 2021 or sorbet pastel colors, it brings a refreshingly cool look to the 2021 fashion palette!


It’s all ab out accessorizing. Find accent pieces, fun elements and exciting finds that will either complement or simply become the center piece of your wardrobe. Spring/summer 2021 brings to the fashion plates the fab yellow bag the pumps up the interest factor in any ensemble. Scarves on the head will be a big thing too to hide all those bad hair days and protect you from the sun. And masks? Oh well… they are now the most fashionable protective gear necessary to fight the elements – new fashion for the new normal. But wait! Another blast from the past is coming and it’s the fringing on the bags.. Is it long? Will it reach the ground? Who cares! As long as it moves as you strut through the busy streets of social distancing!


There’s a whole lot more – definitely more options for you to make it to 2021 as one stylish Pinay. But in the meantime, rock these looks and you’re good to go!



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