Thank you for following this series. Hopefully you have already realised the actual cause of your dark circles and have zeroed in on the possible cure. So for the third instalment of this “how-to” series, let’s find out what you need to look for in reinvigorating the skin under your eyes to effectively get rid of the dark circles.

Remember that the skin under the eyes is the thinnest and very sensitive immediately registering facial movements through wrinkles as we get older and reveals the dilation of nerves under it as it responds to the elements. It also has a limited oil glands making it loose hydration faster and later on sag. 

This means that the skin under the eyes needs a different formula if we plan to take care of it and reduce the appearance of dark circles or hyperpigmentation. But how do we know which eye cream will work better for us?  

Here are some elements or ingredients that you should look for in your products. You simply have to look at the back part of your packaging. This should be part of your product’s SDS (Safety Data Sheet).  

  1. ARBUTIN – is a plant extract that inhibits the production of melanin thus producing skin lightening within 1-2 months of consistent application.
  1. HYDROQUINONE – bleaches the skin by decreasing the amount of melanocytes – a substance that creates melanin (dark pigmentation). By controlling these mealanocytes, skin become more evenly toned over time. It will take 4 weeks to see the initial effect of the product. 
  1. KOJIC ACID – is a naturally occurring hydrophilic (water-loving) fungal product derived from certain species of bacteria that inhibits the production of melanin which contributes to hyperpigmentation. It is also a potent antioxidant. It’s a good replacement for hydroquinone.
  1. VITAMIN C – is a well known antioxidant. It does not only combat signs of aging but it also evens out skin tone, reduces wrinkles and protects your skin from sun damage.
  1. SOY – or soy isoflavone brightens skin, decreases redness, boosts collagen production and improves skin tone by preventing hyperpigmentation on the top layer of the skin. 
  1. NIACINAMIDE (Vitamin B-3) – has anti-inflammatory properties that help the skin appear healthier aside from preventing hyperpigmentation by helping in cellular metabolism. This is best used with Vitamin C.
  1. AZELAIC ACID – aside from being a good product against hyperpigmentation, Azelaic acid inhibits the production of keratin (a protein found in skin, nails and hair) which prevents the build-up of dead skin cells that can trigger acne breakouts.

 So get a move on and start working on healthier skin with these cosmeceuticals.  In the next article, we'll do some skin preps to hide those dark circles while waiting for these products to work their magic! 

Till next week! :) 

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