Many people are taking the lockdown period as an opportunity to pursue a new hobby. Some have taken to knitting, others to working out, and a few have even enrolled to online studies.

But for those who want to learn how to cook healthily, Pinay-Aussie entrepreneur Judith Viado, founder of Nutricraft, is offering free classes to budding chefs.

The focus of her cooking classes is on the health aspect, particularly for those who need to switch their diets to low-fat, low-sugar or low-salt content.

Viado said that this is important for Filipinos because our traditional diet have made us more vulnerable to diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

And for the cost-conscious, her classes will also offer practical ideas to reduce food wastage and save on your grocery bills.

The cooking classes can be done online or in person but due to the COVID-19 restrictions, she is encouraging people to sign up online.

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