Jojo Sebastian has been regularly featured in The Australian Filipina due to his many awards as a performer, community event host and beauty pageant host.  He has also been given recognition for his work as a frontliner having the role of a Nursing Unit Manager of a big government hospital in the northern beaches area.  The last award we wrote about Jojo was winning the Mr Diamond International Crown in addition to nine special titles in that competition held in April 2021.

There's no stopping Jojo!   The forty three year old darling and hero of the community has recently been given additional recognition by three organisations. These are:

Aberdeen Fashion Arts Media Awards – Scotland

  • TV Presenter of the Year**  
  • Pageant King of the Year

Gawad Amerika Awards

  • Global Man of Excellence 

Laguna Excellence Award

  • International Leaders Excellence Award

    **Jojo co-hosted with Mary Rose Salubre 12 episodes of interviews of 2 Queens and a King shown in TV1 Australia and MS Production Youtube Channel.  The show has been temporarily stopped due to the pandemic.  

The Australian Filipina congratulates Jojo for these additional awards recognising his contributions in various fields.  We caught up with Jojo and we are glad to share his thoughts on these awards.

*What does winning the awards mean to you?

Winning these awards, are very incredible and inconceivable for me. Because in all I do I do not expect anything in return. For me a job well done no matter what it may be, is just another hour and day in my daily life. It quite unbelievable yet fantastic to be recognize for something that you love doing. 

 *What advice can you give those who are hesitating to follow through their interest in similar areas?

 Go for it, IT being their dream. You have to believe that it is never too late to represent yourself – true self. However, they should have a purpose. It does not matter what purpose it may be. Purpose is important to provide oneself a drive and goal to achieve.

Also to never place yourself in a box where you limit your growth. You must believe that you can do things that you could only imagine at point in your life.

*What is your message to all your supporters? 

 I would like to say thank you so much for believing and supporting in everything that I do.

I would like to highlight, my mom Josephine Sebastian, John John Lee Cundangan, and the whole of my family whom always have my back. Of course, my friends, family, and the Fil-Aus Community in Sydney Australia – special mention my Filipino Sport, Arts and Recreation Club (FILSPARC) Family.




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