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NSW Premier Gladys Berjeklian and the Prime Minister Scott Morrison conducted a tour of Royal Prince Alfred Hospital's coronavirus vaccination hub this morning, February 19,  to watch a simulation of the facility's processes.  The vaccination roll out starts on Monday, February 22.

The Premier was glad to confirm that NSW continued its string of days without community transmission of coronavirus, reporting two new cases, both in hotel quarantine.  NSW has remained free of locallly acquired COVID 19 case for 33 days.

The simulation process involved dozens of practice "patients" lining up to help staff prepare for the rollout, which will be given to 35,000 frontline quarantine and healthcare workers as part of phase 1a over the next three weeks.

In this initial stage, vaccines hubs at Liverpool and Westmead hospitals, in western Sydney, as well as in aged care facilities will also be involved.

The Prime Minister said he was most impressed by how smooth and  "sympathetic" the process had been in the trial run.

"I know for many this may be a very anxious process and I think the plans here have taken that into account," he said.

Mr Morrison said he and Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly would be receiving the Pfzier vaccine, which is being used in the first stage of the rollout.  However Ms Berejiklian and federal Health Minister Greg Hunt and other political leaders, would be waiting for the AstraZeneca vaccine, which is expected to be available from March.



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