NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet announced that the current COVID-19 restrictions in NSW would continue until February 28 while the state focused on getting children back in schools and resuming non-urgent elective surgery.

The restrictions which were supposed to end on January are the following:

* observing the 2 square metres rule in hospitality venues

* wearing of masks in all indoor venues (except in private homes)

* QR code check-ins at premises such as hospitality venues and retail shops

* singing and dancing in hospitality venues, entertainment facilities, nightclubs, indoor music festivals and indoor major recreation facilities (except for weddings, performers instructors and students).

Mr Perrottet said that extending the restrictions was necessary as a precaution with cases expected to likely to increase with the children returning to school.

"It comes down to priorities, I want there to be confidence in our parents and our teachers — that is a major priority for me and this government ...in fact, that stands out ahead of the pack by a long way," he said.

"And if you're to ask what's more important, someone singing or dancing or someone getting their non-urgent elective surgery back, I know what the right approach is."

NSW reached the millionth case of COVID 19 last Wednesday. The figures released today of new cases, hospital and ICU and deaths are shown below.



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