It’s a few days before the Chinese New Year and we’ve tried to give you possibilities for 2022 based on your Chinese element and your animal sign. However, if you’d like to know what is the 2022 forecast based on your western star sign, here it is (thanks to some research on the net). The year will be borne of opportunities and changes. So if you’re tired of being locked down in your homes, get ready to go on a holiday.




A new chapter awaits for the people of this sign. A new romantic possibility will come from meeting new people – and if you’re really keen on settling down, your soulmate is can be found this year. Time to prepare and get on that new business idea that you were thinking of because this year is a good time until the 16th of May 2023.


This is an energetic year for the Taurus people. The new Moon on August 27 signals the time to meet the one for the single Taureans. If you’re feeling a bit down on your luck, this year will provide you the opportunity to get that opportunity that you need. It’s also a good time to find a new house.


This will be a good time for professional advancements – get a promotion, find a new job or shift industries. You’d be surprised that in in your journey to “perfection” there will be someone who will complement you this year so you better open your eyes be less doubtful.


Happiness is at its core for this year’s forecast. It’s a good time to learn new things – a new trade, mastering your current industry or even something that piques your curiosity. You will feel more beautiful and will experience a influx of confidence. It’s also a good time to repair relationships especially with your family.


The fruits of your labour will be more imminent in 2022. The chances to earn more money will be very high. You will meet good friends who will help you will help you achieve your goals. Act fast though because these opportunities might diminish when not acknowledged until May 10, 2022.


Getting married is a good idea this year for the Virgos. Karmic energy will be evident this year – if you’ve done good in the past years, the good will come to you this year. Financials will be a lot better with September being the peak month for all this good fortune.


Time to stop dilly-dallying to get the full advantage of 2022. A well-paid job and a life-long partner will come as long as you open your eyes to new opportunities. February will be the time to see all these opportunities. And for the single Librans, March will be your month to meet an Aquarian who will bring you true love.


Family life will be good for the people born under the sign Scorpio. But you must be vigilant in your spending. March is a time for opportunities. The best time for love is when Jupiter exits the retrograde motion between November 23 and December 20, 2022.


2022 will be profound in many ways. You will meet a lot of new people and will learn new thigs. You have to learn to assert yourself this year. It’s also a good time to focus on your physical and mental well-being.


A major project comes into your grasp this year. This will change your life and create a momentous impact in the lives of others. Watch out for such opportunities on February 4, February 17 and September 25.


Time to stop overthinking and focus on positivity. March and April are good months for the Aquarians. There’s an endless list of possibilities for the people of the water bearer – marriage, the birth of a child, launching a new business or even buying a house. The luckiest day of the year is March 5.


This year will be full of surprises. You will be successful in most aspects that you will focus on especially in the aspect of finances. Career growth is in the horizon and the best time to fall in love would be April 30.

Exciting times ahead! So go get your affairs in order and get ready of a positive change this year of the Water Tiger! 


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