As part of the celebration of the Food Month 2021, Sentro Rizal in Sydney in cooperation with the Philippine Department of Tourism, has been undertaking online streaming of Lasap Serye - Season 3 during the month of April.  

This week, Lasap Serye offers two cooking demonstrations.   On Wednesday, April 28, Episode 3 was cooking Inihaw na Baka by Mr. Ben Compañero, husband of the Consulate's Finance Officer Elizabeth Compañero.

Tonight's offering, Episode 4, is the final episode of Lasap Serye 3, will be livestreamed at 6pm. It features cooking Inihaw na Pusit (grilled squid) by Mr. Raido Ibañez who a Consular Assistant at the Consulate.

The community can view tonight's (April 30) online cooking demonstration and the past videos on the Facebook pages of :

Sentro Rizal Sydney -  (5) Sentro Rizal Sydney | Facebook

Philippine Consulate General in Sydney -  (5) Philippine Consulate General in Sydney NSW | Facebook


The Australian Filipina congratulates Sentro Rizal - Philippine Consulate General Sydney on the success of Lasap Serye episodes which have been receiving very good comments and feedback from the community.

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