2020 was a devastating year for the whole world. It kept us away from the things that we love to do and sometimes away from the people we love. Now that there’s a promise of all tight rules going to relax, giving gifts takes on a different level of mindfulness – one that not only considers our budget but also our way to reconnect.  Here are some suggestions for your consideration:

SHARE A PIECE OF YOURSELF. It does not only tell the receiver that you are thinking of them but also serves as a constant reminder of your friendship. If you are a “plantito” or a “plantita,” cuttings from your garden and planted on cute pots can be a nice touch as if saying you’d want your friendship to grow further. If your love baking, a box of cookies would be a wonderful gift.




BE CREATIVE. Using available materials around you, you can create something special that will not just accentuate your friend’s home but also your relationship. This could be from creating little dolls from used shirts and socks which can be used as key chains or car hanging to putting together twigs and pebbles to become wind chimes or wall/window accents.


RELIVE MEMORIES. Take photos of you or fun selfies and create a video collage that you could send or post online. Transform candid shots into memory blocks that your friend can put on display in their house.  You can also print them out and give your friend an instruction sheet to easily put them together.


THINK ECO-FRIENDLY. Environmentally conscious gift ideas would be a welcome thing to make your friends happy and at the same time help mother earth. Simple gifts such as bamboo toothbrushes, fashionable metal straws, re-usable beeswax covers for left-overs, or seeds and pods that they can plant and help grow.  Homemade bath bombs, soap and shampoo blocks would also be wonderful because you’ve taken out packaging that’s usually the main bulk of waste floating in the oceans – fabulous gifts, better world.


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Aside from this list, there will always be the traditional tried and tested rule of three to guide you in choosing your gift: 

               Does your friend want it?

               Does your friend need it?

              Does your friend need it but doesn't know it yet? (you'd have to be very close to figure this out.) 

The most important thing is that you’ve given the best gift you can give to your friend – your time and effort. We may just have better memories as we go on our last stride of 2020 with these gifts that will definitely put a smile in your friend’s face this holiday season. 

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